Why does one want to be a doctor?

There are not many reasons that drive a person to become a doctor. And most of the time they cannot figure out why they want to be doctors. I mean, why would someone want to spend the prime years of their life drowned in books, forget what the world outside looks like while they sit for 18-20 hours a day trying to pass their exams and not know when their education will be somewhat complete (for a doctor studying really never ends) so that they can start earning some money to sustain themselves and buy some more books to study? Why would someone want to spend the rest of their lives not being able to enjoy simple things like a sit down meal at mealtime or a whole night of undisturbed sleep or earn the wrath of their families for not being there for them most of the time?

This is not an exaggeration. To be able to reach a level where a doctor can earn as much as his non-medical peers earn within 5 years of their completion of study, takes almost 10 times the number of years and 5 times more of hard work.

So I come back to the question, “ Why would someone choose this profession?” The person has to be just plain crazy. And it’s actually true. Doctors are made from stuff different from the rest of the world. And those who are not made of that special stuff quit early in their education, even if they get into a medical school. We can say that a real doctor is born, and not made.

Sometimes I try to think about the time when decided to be a doctor and as I delve deep into my memories, all that comes to my mind is that I always wanted to be a doctor. In fact it seems like I was born with that thought. I don’t know whether it was an unfulfilled desire from a previous birth, or a desire planted in my mind as a child by both my parents who wanted to be doctors, but could not, due to their circumstances.

But one thing I know for sure is that there was nothing else I would ever have wanted to do. Given a second chance at choosing a profession I would have again chosen medicine as my career. The kind of happiness my work gives me is unbelievable.

And I would like to say to all those young people out there who are thinking of medicine as a career……. Look within your soul and ask yourself.. “Are you willing to put someone else’s needs before yours for the rest of your life?” If the answer is yes then and only then choose to be a doctor…

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