The Mad Scramble!

Class 12!!!! Results are out and there is a mixed emotional energy all around. There are children who have scored good marks, and children who have done badly and there is also a third group of children who feel they have not lived up to the expectations of their parents and teachers! These days’ scores are phenomenal!!!! But I completely fail to understand how a student can get a 99.9 percent in subjective papers! In the good old days there used to be answers that meant the same but were written uniquely by different students, which by the choice of the teacher or the beauty and flair of writing got them scores, which were not the same. It stumps me how an answer can be an exact replica of what the examiner correcting the paper has in his mind! We used to lose marks on spellings, handwriting, formatting the answer and so on. Are these things of no consequence nowadays?

Anyways inspite of a significant number of children getting these kinds of scores there is always a run for the colleges and seats. Closing percentages are mind-boggling and a lot of students are left wondering which particular word they missed writing in their papers to get left behind.

Now comes the irony! The top rankers turn away from Medicine. The second rung also desires branches that require less study time and an earlier settling down period in life. Medicine comes to three kinds of students. One who does not get a desired branch, the second who comes from a doctor family and is gently pushed into medicine and the third who is the true crazy who has chosen medicine over and above the other subjects. So you can imagine that except for the third variety of students who really want to be doctors we are actually going to put our lives in the hands of people who did medicine for all the wrong reasons. And need I say how unhappy a person can be if he does not like what he does for every single day of his life!!

As for me, I remember I gave several entrance exams and to my horror didn’t clear any college. I just couldn’t believe it. All my life I had but one dream and all my studies directed towards fulfilling that dream and here I was with nowhere to go. Like everyone else I was made to think of an alternative and I joined a college for B.Sc. . All my friends were packing their bags to join courses they chose and I was left behind!!

But they say that if you desire something with all your heart and soul the entire universe contrives to make it happen. That’s what happened to me. Almost a month later I got a call from my college saying that I had to report for admission if I had cleared my class 12 examination!!! In all my overconfidence I had forgotten to send my mark sheet to the college. Usually they discard the application thinking that the student might have failed but I was lucky and some hotline connection with God materialised and I received my calling!

Packing my bags I set out for the best roller coaster ride of my life at the medical school. The joys and sorrows, the highs and lows, the unforgettable friends and the memories we made together holding each other up as we sailed through the rough and deep seas of medical education. Thick big books, long sleepless nights, thousands of cups of coffee and tea, innumerable mood swings later we did manage to survive to become what we are today. Still together we all at the zenith of our professions fondly remember those wonderful times…

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